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New Hope (Liuhe) and COFCO signed 2018 strategic agreement

New Hope (Liuhe) and COFCO signed 2018 strategic agreement. According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will carry out all-round and friendly cooperation in terms of strategic resources sharing, information sharing, business cooperation and supply chain construction, and deepen the industrial chain and business resources of both sides so as to achieve the alliance and complement each other.(Source: China Feedtrade)

Luzhou Laojiao joins hands with Esquire, men’s fashion

Recently, baijiu company Luzhou Laojiao has signed a three year strategic cooperation agreement with Esquire magazine. These two companies believe that they are targeting same group of consumers. A custom-tailor product will be made to respond to fashionista’s taste and preference. Luzhou Laojiao is a baijiu brand that inherits a history of more than 690 years, while Esquire is a leading magazine in men’s fashion.

Source:, 9 Nov. 2017


The first China farm animal welfare industry standards passed review

General Rules for Animal Welfare Evaluation - China's first farm animal welfare industry standards- was reviewed and passed by the expert of National animal husbandry standardization technical committee. Animal welfare branch of China veterinary association has successful completed the standard system formulation (repair) tasks of Ministry of Agriculture.

It is reported that it spent 2 years to draft General Rules for Animal Welfare Evaluation from 2015. During the term, Animal welfare branch carried out a lot of theory and application experiments.

(Source: China Agricultural News )


A wine company launches an activity which is 11,111 Yuan free drink for whole life

Recently, some netizens found that on a certain e-commerce platform, a liquor merchant launched "a lifetime of wine". Customers pay 11,111 Yuan on the day of double 11, and can receive a box of wine sent by the merchant every month until Customer passed away.

Source: Xinhua NEWS


The Chinese government has lifted Australian meat companies

The Chinese government has lifted the meat imports ban on 6 Australian meat companies, in which 3 are Australian companies: Australian Country Choice, Northern Rivers Co-operative and Thomas Food. The other 3 are foreign-funded enterprises, two of which are two beef processing plants owned by the Brazilian meat giant JBS and one owned by Chinese agricultural enterprises. The 6 companies account for 30% of the total Australian ‘s beef exports. (Source: Sohu)

22nd China Fisheries & Seafood Expo kicks off in Qingdao

DATE:2017-11-03       SOURCE:Information Office, MOA


The 22nd China Fisheries & Seafood Expo (CFSE 2017) opened in Qingdao, China on 1 Nov. 2017.Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen attended the event.

The CFSE 2017 showcased freshwater and marine fishing products, a wide spectrum of aquatic species, and a variety of aquatic processing and farming equipments. The on-site aquatic processing and food tasting activity was the highlight of the CFSE. The CFSE 2017 had an exhibition area of 80,000 m2, attracting over 1,500 exhibitors from 45 countries and regions and 19 state or regional exhibition delegations. Over 30,000 business people visited the Expo.

Prior to the opening of the CFSE 2017, Vice Minister Yu addressed the China-overseas fisheries development dialogue. He highly recognized the role of the CFSE in promoting global fisheries trade, exchanges and cooperation. When sharing China’s experience and practices in fisheries development, he underlined that China boasts a vision of green, safe, standard-based, integrated and open development, and gives priorities to quality and efficiency.

High-ranking foreign officials to the CFSE 2017 included ministers in charge of fisheries from Tanzania, Mauritania and Sierra Leone, and ambassadors of Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Ecuador to China.


China, Sierra Leone sign MOU on fisheries cooperation

DATE:2017-11-02       SOURCE:Information Office, MOA


Vice Minister Yu Kangzhen met Ms. Elizabeth Mans, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources of Sierra Leone, in Beijing on 30 Oct. 2017. The two sides signed the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Marine Resources and Fisheries of the Republic of Sierra Leone on Fisheries Cooperation. 

Sierra Leone is one of the first countries targeted by China's efforts of outward fisheries investment and cooperation. So far, 5 Chinese enterprises of pelagic fishing have been authorized for operation in Sierra Leone with a fleet of 68 vessels and a combined annual fishery output of 40,000 tons. 

Preliminary statistics shows that Chinese investment has registered over US$10 million, employing nearly 1,000 local people annually and with 90% fishing products sold locally. Such fisheries investment and cooperation has not only enriched the market supply of aquatic products in both countries, promoted friendly communication and mutual understanding between the two peoples, but also played an important role in promoting employment, raising living standard and driving economic and social progress in Sierra Leone. 

The signing of the MOU, while incorporating traditional bilateral fisheries cooperation into the framework of intergovernmental cooperation, has laid a solid foundation for furthering wider, sound and sustainable bilateral fisheries cooperation.  

China's first pelagic fishery survey ship delivered

DATE:2017-11-01       SOURCE:China Daily

Updated: 2017-10-31 16:48

SHANGHAI -- China's first pelagic fishery survey ship was delivered to the Shanghai Ocean University Monday, the university announced Tuesday.

The ship, jointly invested by the Ministry of Agriculture and Shanghai municipal government, has a gross tonnage of 3,166 tonnes, it said.

Eighty-five meters long and 14.96 meters wide, the ship has a sea endurance of 10,000 nautical miles and can accommodate 59 crew members.

With five labs on aboard, the ship, named "Songhang" will survey both fishery resources and the oceanic environment, the university said.

The ship will survey fishery resources in open sea areas in the northern and southeastern Pacific and southwestern Atlantic, helping the country search for new fishery grounds, it said.

Currently, China's pelagic fishery catch only accounts for 1.3 percent of the world total. 

The first batch of New Zealand traceable fresh milk is imported via Shanghai airport

The first batch of New Zealand traceable fresh milk is imported via Shanghai airport. Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on October 25 disclosure, the staff of the site of the fresh milk on the test, the original need 3 to 4 days inspection clearance process is shortened to an hour. Source: JINGWAH TIMES

Chanel acquires Chateau Berliquet in Bordeaux

French luxury brand Chanel acquires the famous Chateau Berliquet in Bordeaux recently. Together with Chateau Canon and Chateau Rauzan-Segla, Chanel is now having three Chateau under the group. Berliquet dates back to 1768 and is one of the oldest Chateau in Bordeaux.

Source: Huali News, 30 Oct. 2017

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